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SpireVision Photo Studio in Dublin 1.

The hustle and bustle of O’Connell Street is iconic; a melting pot of history, culture, business, and a bright light of commerce, trading and industry.  Where better than that to start a vibrant modern Photography Studio? SpireVision began as an answer to many questions: How do I get my business online? Where can I get my Headshot taken? Can we get great pictures of our food?.. The questions of how to enter the image based digital world are endless, but the answer is now always easy to find.





SpireVision Studio

5 Upper O’Connell Street

Dublin 1


+353 (0)1 8780004




With our prime location on O’Connell Street in Dublin City Center, the Photo Studio is convenient and easily accessible for all Dublin based, or traveling Photographers.

We use a full set of Bowens lighting equipment, and have plenty of Modifiers on hand. Black, White, Light Blue, and Pink backdrops are currently available, as well as a Baby Poser and Camera rental options. Triggers and a Light Meter are included in the price.

It is our policy to request a 50% deposit booking for all studio bookings and rentals. This is in the interest of our clients to insure that our staff are familiar with your booking requirements and details which will be included in our planned weekly schedule.

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